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China's domestic demand for plastic to lay the foundation of life

2017/09/12 14:00
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The 21st century, accompanied by a high degree of social civilization, plastic products in the role of social life increasingly apparent, in order to promote
The 21st century, accompanied by a high degree of social civilization, plastic products in the role of social life increasingly apparent, in order to promote human progress and improve people's living standards and lay a solid material foundation at the same time, plastic has also been extensive Depth to all levels of human society.
According to the European large-scale trade organization Plastics Europe data show that in 2013 the world's total output of plastic materials reached 299 million tons, compared with 288 million tons in 2012 rose 3.9%, while China's plastic production accounted for 24.8% of global output, ranking the world's first one. Thus, in the deepening of economic globalization today, China has occupied the international plastic production "high ground." According to industry forecasts, 2007 - 2020 global plastic demand annual growth rate of 1.7%, while China has become the world's largest plastic production also has a huge demand market!


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