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Discussion on Soft Polyurethane Foam and Mattress Material

2017/09/12 14:03
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Past mattress materials are mainly cotton, latex, steel spring plus linen, etc., since the 20th century, 50 years of flexible polyurethane foam as a commodity, the liner is the first to be applied to 
Past mattress materials are mainly cotton, latex, steel spring plus linen, etc., since the 20th century, 50 years of flexible polyurethane foam as a commodity, the liner is the first to be applied to promote the field. Its advantages are far more than latex and spring. Soft foam, excellent air permeability, good heat transfer and moisture permeability, and has biocompatibility, it is particularly suitable for the production of mattresses. Mattress manufacturing process is very simple, as long as the 10 ~ 15cm thick rectangular foam block can be covered.
In order to improve comfort, can be used foam or wool fiber material wrapped up. Foam density and hardness must be suitable for final use requirements: Children's mattresses use softer foams, while adult mattresses use harder foams, but the density is not too low. The foam is too light to soften prematurely, resulting in greater sagging, reduced ventilation and moisture permeability. General mattress minimum density of 32kg / m3, if the density is too low, the mattress will not have enough durability.
And polyurethane soft foam load high strength, good flexibility, not easy to stick ash, no mold, not insects, no smell; light weight, only spring mattress 1/4; price is cheap, the same specifications mattress The price of polyurethane foam is only 40% of latex, 63% of spring mattress. This mattress is not only loved in the family, especially in the hospital wards in the application of more advantages, because the strength is good, durable, good resilience, soft and comfortable, but also disinfection. In particular, some of the high resistance to fire and low smoke soft foam varieties for mattress is more suitable, both flame retardant and safe, very popular.
Polyurethane foam made of medical health cushion has been patented. Recently, in the mattress production, the use of different performance of the various foam composite process. For example, in the higher density and harder foam on both sides of the laminated resilient soft foam, the composite products close to the ideal stress-strain curve, both excellent comfort and durability.
Another example, both positive and negative can be used on both sides of the mattress, in both sides with different hardness of the foam. If the production of holes in the mattress, but also improve the stress-strain characteristics, using this method, can increase the air chamber, improve moisture permeability and heat transfer. Polyurethane soft foam is widely used as an internal spring mattress, mattress in the prefabricated ring steel spring for the core, and then the core of the core are covered with soft foam. This composite mattress is similar to the composite mattress of several foams, and in fact its compression curve is linear.


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